Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation Bonanza..

Around 20+ years back in middle east,in the land of sun and sand two girls met.Neighbours,playmates about 5 years of age.Oh they weren't much of friends.One of them was smart,knew how to ride bicycles and could walk to bus stops alone.The other one was extremely shy,could hardly successfully complete a day without bruising herself.Her parents knew she had a probably co-ordinating her mind and legs.(Her legs worked before her brain worked out the disaster hidden before her)..

No prizes for guessing which one is me.I'm the one who kept falling off.(The best one was when I had decided to cycle down a flight of steps when I was about 7.Whom did I think I was??Akshay kumar??I have no clue.It was only seconds before I crashed at the end of the steps the enormity of the blunder dawned.)

Well my dad moved back to India in 90's and we lost touch with the little smart girl next door.Mom and Dad occasionaly talked and smiled at the memories.Now as God smiled we met again.We weren't neighbours anymore.We were room mates at hostel.We were classmates.Those were the days!!The Balyakalsakhis (Childhood girl friends)!!

She was a nice girl who kept gorging textbooks and vitamin tablets.She sat with me when I cried about missing home.We cried together when our best buddy ditched us for a new friend.We laughed at the nuances of studying.Took care of each other when one of us fell sick.So it was till "engineering do us apart"..

Again life took us in different directions.I headed for my work.She went back to UAE for her work and parents.We chatted,emailed and occasional made international calls.She never forgot my birthday.When I got married and moved out of India also nothing changed.

Yesterday I met her after five and a half years in all her bridal glory.It was her best day and I couldn't miss it for anything in the world.She looked beautiful in a wine red silk saree.We hugged and cried a bit.I was happy for her.She might have had a bit of a wait for marriage,it had not gone in vain.Her dulha was tall and handsome.I'm sure he'll keep her happy.

Flight tickets:800 SGD
Wedding Shopping:300 SGD
Travelling costs:200 SGD

The look on her face when she saw us sitting in the audience:PRICELESS!!