Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Letter Is On The Way

Dear Nicholas,

Come December and every damn person on earth is mailing you for things they want. But trust me (just this once) this mail is not about “All I want for Christmas”. Yes, you can sport a big smile and let out off that “ho-ho-ho-ho” laugh of yours. Even Archangel Gabby has laughed in front of me.

Christmas is a season of good spirit, good cheer, good wine, good food and in general it is about everything good and nice. It means I can polish off a bottle of good wine without thinking about saving for tomorrow or about the bill that came with it or for that matter someone judging my alcoholic tendencies, after all it’s Christmas. It is the merriest time of the year, the weather nice and cool and celebrations are all around us.

Let us not forget it is also the time of caring- Of sharing love and joy with our loved ones. It is the time for sharing. It is a time when the privileged share their love, food and wealth with the less privileged.

I wonder how you manage this. Getting gifts for all? Do you fall short of gifts? Are there gifts that you are unable procure? You know the ones you cannot get even on Amazon. What do you do then? Do you buy consolatory gifts?

This year I thought I’ll share some things I have for which I have no use but some less privileged soul might have a better use. There are not many, just a couple of them. Oh, you can thank me later. Here’s the list:

  • Not everyone in this world is healthy like us. I mean like you and me to be more precise. I’m sure you have felt the same when you have those models on FTV.What is it without some belly fat I tell you -Ho Ho. And I hear some people are trying really hard to put on some weight. I have around 5-8 kilos on me which you can give to those skinny unhealthy girls on FTV.I can live without it.Really.God knows they need some flesh on them. Off course, some dresses would look quite loose on me but then I won’t complain.  Its Christmas time and one should not be selfish.
  • I am sure some poor kid in a poor country must have asked you this, ”Oh Santa, please bring a TV so that I can watch Tom and Jerry every Sunday or at least make sure Dada gets some extra money from his boss so that he can buy us one. And I promise I will never never be a bad boy. I will share my chocolates with Lil Sarah.”
I have one at home. I never watch it. My husband watches it too much (like his life and the energy of the universe depended on it). Please take it for that little boy.

  • I have a lot more stuff with me that I would love to share but then who needs bad memories. Instead do you mind giving a little extra love to those innocent little children who have no family? God has bestowed me with loads of love and I don’t mind sharing it with others.

You have couple of days more to think about them. Just in case you are running out of ideas or gift you are free to use the items I have offered. Santa; Merry Christmas to you too! Let me get back to work. Unlike you, rest of us have to work around the year to earn a vacation during Christmas. You get back to wrapping those gifts.

Blue Lotus

P.S: I know you have featured me in Naughty Souls list. Yeah, I figured that out myself or well, may be I have my sources Nicky. Listen, I’ve had wicked thoughts and words and some times actions as well. Some people deserved all that and more. Humphhh.

P.P.S: Since you won’t be gifting me anything I gifted myself a Kindle Touch. No Grinch can steal my Christmas from me. She was christened “Swan”.

Dear Readers,

Joyeux Noel!*

Lots of Love
Blue Lotus

(*) - That's "Merry Christmas" in french.I had to show off! :-D

Friday, December 9, 2011

When life taught me a lesson or two

A few things life taught me last month

  • There has never been a good work and a bad break.
  • If you think today is and will be the worst workday of your entire life, honey, tomorrow is just around the corner.
  • I used to like the idea of limits as in "Stretching your limits at work”. Well, mine tore last week.
  • Staring at your French teacher doesn’t essentially make you a French maestro but then it might make up for a bad workday if your teacher is cute like mine.*
  • When you think “What can go wrong now?” and then give yourself the luxury of a smile,” He” shows you “How things can go wrong now.”Tada! (Each time shit happens I know  God was bored of his life and decided to have some fun at my cost.)
  • It's a sin to shop and you pay the real price only when you shift homes.
  • My clothes have lost weight and have shrunk to a size 0.Off course I don't fit in them as I did not shrink like them traitors. I know it people. Something is seriously wrong.
  • Feign illness when you need a break from work. Nobody asks for medical certificates when a woman says she is having her bloody periods.
  • When you are absolutely tied up with loads of work you can take the liberty of snorting at anybody.Even your boss.

Now you know why I went missing. I had a horrible work “month” and in between this I shifted to a new place.I missed blogging and the blog world.You will find me leaving comments on posts even you have forgotten.Please bear with this erratic creature

P: S: Last time I counted I was working on nine projects. I stopped counting.
* Oh Yeah, I’ve been waiting to talk about him. He is super cute and has this incredibly beautiful pair of blue-grey eyes.I am pretty sure he is not gay.Fingers crossed.