Friday, December 9, 2011

When life taught me a lesson or two

A few things life taught me last month

  • There has never been a good work and a bad break.
  • If you think today is and will be the worst workday of your entire life, honey, tomorrow is just around the corner.
  • I used to like the idea of limits as in "Stretching your limits at work”. Well, mine tore last week.
  • Staring at your French teacher doesn’t essentially make you a French maestro but then it might make up for a bad workday if your teacher is cute like mine.*
  • When you think “What can go wrong now?” and then give yourself the luxury of a smile,” He” shows you “How things can go wrong now.”Tada! (Each time shit happens I know  God was bored of his life and decided to have some fun at my cost.)
  • It's a sin to shop and you pay the real price only when you shift homes.
  • My clothes have lost weight and have shrunk to a size 0.Off course I don't fit in them as I did not shrink like them traitors. I know it people. Something is seriously wrong.
  • Feign illness when you need a break from work. Nobody asks for medical certificates when a woman says she is having her bloody periods.
  • When you are absolutely tied up with loads of work you can take the liberty of snorting at anybody.Even your boss.

Now you know why I went missing. I had a horrible work “month” and in between this I shifted to a new place.I missed blogging and the blog world.You will find me leaving comments on posts even you have forgotten.Please bear with this erratic creature

P: S: Last time I counted I was working on nine projects. I stopped counting.
* Oh Yeah, I’ve been waiting to talk about him. He is super cute and has this incredibly beautiful pair of blue-grey eyes.I am pretty sure he is not gay.Fingers crossed.


  1. hehehe!! Girl, for your sake I HOPE he's not gay! Blue-grey eyes are hard to come by! And missed you - so please get the bad-work-month-effect off, and welcome back!

  2. Ah, the curse of being too good at work, is it? And we missed around her, seriously.
    Aren't French men just ultimate drool-worthy? Sigh...

  3. Ahh, same plight with my clothes. They've managed to shrink themselves as well. Now, I'm trying hard to shrink myself too. Oooh, at least you have the French guy going for you, I'd love to be in that class!

  4. "My clothes have lost weight and have shrunk to a size 0.Off course I don't fit in them as I did not shrink like them traitors. I know it people. Something is seriously wrong."
    heeeeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...seriously! Something is definitely wrong!

  5. Clothes should come with the guarantee never to shrink, not just to not shrink when washed for the first time :)

    Shifting houses is a piece of cake when you have done so 43 times. Ask the great mistress of shifting abodes. Things will look up, after all, isn't life a big wheeel which keeps turning? Chin up, girl!

    Ah yes, waiting for the comments on blogpsts even I have forgotten! :D

  6. @Nirvana:Thanks dear...I'm in the process of finding out more about it.Yes,you may call me a "crush-sick-teenage-mind"
    @Spaceman:Yes,due to my perfect proportions and the tuft of pony hair,I look incredibly like genie..Hence all the work...
    @Sumitra:Now I know why Indian women are in for sari.One size fits all :P

  7. @RH:Ha,being on the receiving end of shrinking clothes...
    @Zephyr:Akka,hats off to you.I kept thinking about your post on setting up the kitchen and kids study area in record time...My better half set up TV and internet connection even before unpacking the tooth brushes..

  8. Oh dear she's super stressed! I think the best strategy would be to surrender to it rather than fighting it :p

    This too shall pass :))

  9. get set for the new year!!


  10. Hope the new year brings a less stressful work life for you.

  11. The good thing is that things can most like only get better from now on. New year, new start.

  12. @Purba : I've surrendered with a pout
    @Magic Eye:I am..That is something I am looking forward to..Cheers
    @Rachna:Let's hope so...
    @Munchow:Fingers Crossed..

  13. @Joshi Daniel: Sigh!But then it made you smile.Mission Accomplished.