Wednesday, August 1, 2012

From Down Under

I have been missing.But then I should have told you people that I would be going “Missing-In-Action” for some time.

The husband got a new job with better salary along with a displacement from country and continent. The discussion was over in 5 minutes .We tabulated his new salary against mine. His new career prospects against the prospects in my current job. I promptly quit my job and flew down to India for a vacation. I spent my days eating, sleeping, and doing things of no consequence to anybody. Gained 3 to 4 kilos to my body mass after which I banished the weighing scale from the household. The bloody thing now lies abandoned in under the bathroom sink of our old Singapore home!

I did apply to a business school in between and were royally rejected. The dejected me did not take to alcohol but spent a considerable time in the bathtub contemplating my past and future. I was in a timeless space of my own and was completely ignorant of the gushing shower. The husband promptly imagining the worst was banging on the bathroom door,” Darling, you are getting me worried here! Are you alright?” Sucked out from my world I managed to placate him from my floating position. I was very distraught but half an hour later, I mentally slapped myself for being such a child. Resilience of spirit, isn’t that what makes us Indians. Ah! The wounded tigress will be back in the B-school arena hoping for admissions once the wound-o-rejection is healed

In between all this, I moved to Perth, West Australia. My most precious possessions; books, Prestige and Hawkins pressure cookers, hindalium wok and Futura cookware, necessarily in that order, are enroute. I am in the midst of home hunting. The kitchens are the size of a hen-pen down here. Here they work only from 9-5.Superb.Wait, it included shopping malls as well! Sigh! The bonus of the city is the presence of my schoolmates and their little boy .I crash in to their place for a decent Indian meal and non-stop entertainment; courtesy their 18 month old son.

I miss Singapore badly. I had friends there who would wake up at 2am in the morning to attend my panic calls. I knew where to shop and they had a wonderful public transport system. And yes, buses and trains did arrive/depart on time. Worst I knew where I could get a decent drink and most of the happy hour deals. I guess in time I learn to love this city as well.

So this is Blue Lotus reporting from Down Under…


  1. Congrats to you and Mr Husband on the move - I was reading through some of your old posts recently and was wondering where you had vanished; Lo and behold you appear with a precise clarification.

    Good luck to the wounded tigress for B-School admissions and house hunting.

    Cheers :)

  2. Hey there.... I was wondering why I hadn't seen a post here as yet.. :) Chin up gal! Its all gonna be fine.. its just one rejection.. AM sure you'll get thru soon. :D :D and as far as missing Singapore, some people in Singapore miss you too.. :( miss all the fun times gal.. but am sure we'll catch up soon.. :) love n hugs!!! tty soon.. Mwah!!

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    1. What?You commented and it went missing? Sigh! :-(

  4. So you have moved and settled in? I don't envy you the move but do the new place and experiences. And do start blogging and mailing again, will you? Hugs.

    1. Yups..I'll restart mails and blogs when I get a steady internet connection. :-).Hugs