Friday, January 7, 2011

Cosmic Revelations

God has a sense of humour*.Period.

Act I – Karma

(Back ground music playing “Chale Chaiyya Chaiyya” for a good thirty-seconds.Then ZOINK.The sound of TV being switched off)

Teenager: “Dad! How could you just switch it off? I’m watching it!”
(The teenager yells jumping out of cocoon state to a fire breathing dragon posture.)

Dad:”I have told you a number of times not to switch on that idiot box and sit in front of it the whole afternoon!”

Teenager (Sulking):“Hello. It is vacation. It is summer. Together summer vacation and I can watch TV as much as I want!”

Dad: “Vacation means it is time to relax and enjoy. Go out and meet friends. Play for a while. Not sit here and fill the whole environment with negative energy.”

Teenager: “Negative energy? That is news to me. You mean my switching on TV for a few moments fill this room with negative energy. If you are stressed at work, please don’t take it out on me.”

Teenager walks out.

Dad:”Oh God! With the TV and its volume, it simple fills the room with noise. After a hard day at work, the quietness of one’s home is more soothing than anything in this world! Girls these days, I tell you...”

Act II - Karma-phala

(Back ground music playing “Sheila..Sheila ki Jawani.” for a good thirty-seconds. Then ZOINK.The sound of TV being switched off)

The Husband:” Hello! I am watching it. Are you jealous or something?”

The Wife:”Jealous? My Foot. How many times should I tell you I need some peace when I come home? Is this is a movie hall or is there a country fair going on here? And the volume! Are you deaf?”

The Husband:” Come on. You are not being fair here. What should I do then? You come late from office. I have nothing else to do but watch TV.”

(Husband walks off shaking head in disdain.)

The Wife (Shouting at the side of the stage through which husband exited):”I have a hard day at office. Then it takes me hours to get back home. There are hundred chores to finish before I sleep. Dinner for starts! All you can do is sit there without even removing yours socks and pollute the house with shrills from the TV”

The Husband (sounding far off and muttering):”A bad day and she takes it all on me. Thesis on polluting effects of Television. She should get a Nobel for that one.” (Humming Sheila..Sheila ki Jawani.)

The Wife: “I heard that. Now nothing can take away the soothing effects of a calm living room. When will he ever understand all this?”

There are no prizes for guessing who is the cosmic Prani stuck in this endless cycle of karma. This can be taken as classic example of dormant genetic make up becoming dominant after the larva approaches maturity or full growth.Or simply call it the Divine Retribution. Sigh. Now that you all have guessed the identity of the humble cosmic prani, one small sentence of free advice**. Listen to your parents, for you know not what the future holds.

*Terms and Conditions Apply. What did you think? Nothing comes free. Talking of sense of humour, His comes laced with copious amounts of sarcasm and wickedness that keeps one wondering how thin is the line between God and Devil.
**This one is completely free. Cosmic Gurus are above Lobh, Moh and Maya.
***Three stars never marked anywhere in the script. Life is always in multiple acts. The stage remains the same just that characters evolve.-Cosmic Guru


  1. This is so familiar!!! LOL Divine retribution indeed , time to junk that TV.

  2. There are more instances..Like the ones about wet towels on bed..One cannot even say this to momma love and give her a chance to say "Serves you right!!"..GRIN

  3. Haha loved this post.. You write AHH-MAY-ZING! :)* Divine retribution, lol.. :DD You deserve soooo much more recognition! Cause your style of writin' is WOWW! :)
    - Caroline ^.^

  4. @Caroline:Life is strange.So if you still have time,mend your ways :p...