Monday, March 7, 2011

The Demand

“I will talk to him today.” The wife decided with no more conviction than yesterday. There was no way he would understand what she wants and for once do it without a request from her. After all this has been going on for the last three weeks.

Life was generally dull for her. Work was hectic and to it the added responsibility of house keeping.” Am I not entitled to ask for it?” She deliberated, stirring the onions in the wok with a skill that comes only with practice.

The issue was minor yet of profound importance in the marital life of a working couple. Wife was in a dilemma.” I’m sure he’ll find some excuses.” Her other wise balanced home environment was reeking with unpleasantness.“If we are talking about time, even I don’t have the luxury of it.” She sharpens yet another arrow in her arsenal.

Even yesterday, she had thought of putting it up. Then, no, she decided, no arguments today. She had sat silently, dicing the carrots, watching him glued to the TV.” Like the sanity of the whole world depends solely on his not batting his eyelids.” she had swallowed the nasty remark with great difficulty.

Today she will have to swallow her pride as well. She had to ask him to the dump the packets of garbage of the past three days. She could do it, like she had done for the last three weeks, but then once a division of labor is done both the concerned partied should abide by the rules.

P:S:On Second thoughts: All characters appearing in this work might be fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, might be purely intentional.


  1. LOL :D doesn't she mind the stench? Agreed perhaps that he had to do his share, but for the sake of her nose, I tht she would have done it ;) nice story..

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  2. Ha..may be she didn't..Or she wanted to make sure he doesn't delegate the work to her...Good to know you liked the story...

  3. Very real...we have all faced it. And if she has to bear the stench for her fight for rights, why not.

  4. Only if she would cook what he dislikes, he would be easily shaken out of his indifference.

    If good food can win a man's heart, it can also be used to reinforce positive behavior.

    Interesting expression of a day-to-day affair.


  5. @Purba : Dustbins miraculously clearup these days.
    @Amropali:Yeah,nice idea..Never thought about it.Bad food week and everything falls in place...

  6. I do it all the time. Only way to get things done without being taken for granted!

  7. You have excellently expressed the mundanes-a simple critical mix of life.

  8. :-)...I love my abnormal life which gives me numerous things to ponder and write about.

  9. yeah, guess this happens a lot. But, only communication could sort such a matter out, Wouldn't matter where or for what end-result it starts thou.

    Good read! :)