Friday, February 25, 2011

To shout or not to?

Fridays are lethargic when it comes to work and energetic when it comes to browsing and wasting time. Today was different. Why ? I was stuck with something from morning to noon. By the time, I resolved the sticky problem I realized I had been sitting at my seat without even a rest room break for more than 4 hours. Yes, I did pat on my back and made my way to the rest room. When the demanding problems of ones life are solved, one tends to lie back and enjoy the sleepy afternoons.

I had already checked my G-mail and blog-roll a zillion times. Therefore, I checked if my bro  had dropped a mail on hot-mail.I landed up on this link, which popped up with MSN Live!

It takes only 2 minutes to read. I will wait.

You want to read it again to make sure about the ages of people involved?

After I read that, I wanted to maul the Indian Judiciary for its inability to effectively protect our children from pedophiles. Everyday, how many girls go through the same things in our country. As a small girl, I have had my share of face-the-bad-world experiences. I was too small to understand the enormity of a sleazy comment or an action. Still people did that. Pleasure? Insanity? Alternatively, lack of tight-slap-on-the-back?

Now do not ask me,” As a girl, didn’t your mother teach me to respond?” (Oh yes she had. Half of the time she responded and I stood next to her, bearing an uncanny similarity to a Doberman ready to pounce on the miscreant.)The point is, the people who do this to children and women did they not have mothers? Were they not taught; not to cross the line?

We talk a lot about bringing up girls. What about boys? An 11-year-old girl, she must have been hurrying home to watch Tom and Jerry and then enter the sleaze-bag. Every time she enters a lift and there is a man in there, she is going to shudder. That pedophile has scarred her for life. For a moment, I thought about a cousin, also 11 years of age in the place of the poor girl in the news. I wanted to tear him to pieces.

I have had hundreds of arguments with my parents on the 6 PM time line. Having called them tyrants and my home a “juvenile home”, now I realize their anxiety and their fears.
Sadly, I have to accept, my town is not safe. From 6 PM in 1990s to 6:30 PM in 2000’s, it is a small but a measurable change. Today I roll my eyes at my cousin who claims she can walk to her home alone after 6.I am being protective. I cannot be there for her always. I must trust her to handle the misbehavior. One thing I’ll tell my little sister is,” No matter what, it is not your fault, how some people behave. Nobody has the right to look or talk vulgar to you. Be Bold.” Yes, I will add with a wink,” Honey, if nothing works. Scream like your sister used to.”

So please, next time if you see someone misbehaving with a child, please raise your voice. Shout. Loud and clear, scare that scum. Every child deserves an unblemished childhood.

Someday, someday I know my old street,
Safe they would be for my girls so sweet.
Roam I will let them that night,
Till the first Ray of the next day light


  1. Really a urgent need which seeks solution from all sides-judiciary,a health society free of child scavengers.somewhere the soceity is failing with progress.All we need our girls to be strong and of fighting spirit-the shame and guilt lie in inflicter mind not in the victim.

  2. That was a heartfelt plea, one which we all should heed. I am reminded of the 'phone ghumao' ad to fight domestic violence. Yes, we can all shout to scare the monsters away from some innocent child. Good post Blue Lotus.

  3. @Arpana:We need a change in society which looks at the victim as "trouble-magnet".And the unsaid,"It was all her fault" thoughts.
    @Zephyr:Thanks Zephyr.I cannot for sure say,there is one female in India who has not had a wretched encounter with a pervert.This has to change.I hope at least the generation to come would be safer.

  4. Thanks for posting this. So true...and so sad.


  5. @Whitney:It is sad,but we need more awareness.Loved your blanket-Ice-skating story and deer-poop comic..

  6. Educating child so that he won't become a victim.The best way is as you mentioned scream,shout at the person and scare him to death and make people aware of his actions.

  7. Kids these days are bolder I should say.But yes we need to tell them how to use their boldness as a shield..

  8. These monsters pray on young kids because they know children are too afraid/confused to react.

    And it is usually people who are close to them, people who they trust. The saddest part is when the parents try to hush it up.

  9. I agree totally Purba..Wonder why parents hush it up.If some pervert did something to a little child,shouldn't we all fight the pervert rather than hushing it up.The child will grow stronger with the knowledge that the family will be there,no matter what.

  10. i join you in your plea to shout and scream and get rid of the scourge of pedophiles.

  11. Promise me that,next time you see one you will scare the wits out of him/her...