Friday, October 7, 2011

For Freaku...

“It has been two years. Two eventful years in which my world has changed so much that you wouldn’t recognize it at all. And I still miss you.

The last time we met in Mysore, you had bothered to come to Mysore from Bangalore on the way to Pune.You could’ve  chosen to sit in Bangalore airport all day long but no you made a 4 hour trip so that we could meet up. I wish I had hugged you a little longer. But no, I was conscious what the auto driver would think; after all we were in Mysore. I should not have given a damn.You are my friend and like a little brother I totally adore.
I knew this. You knew this. Rest of the world could think what it wanted; I should not have cared. When you decided it you are done with Pune, I wish I had forced you to move to Mysore instead of Mangalore.

Wish I had taken the trip to Mangalore as we always planned over our office messenger chats.
And that impromptu trip I made to Mangalore and couldn’t meet you because you were back in Kerala. But then it did not mean much as there as we said,” There would always be another weekend to meet up. “We had laughed over our messed up plan.
I wish I had talked to you on that Monday as I promised you over the messenger on the previous Friday evening before rushing to board my bus bound to Kochi.

And when I got the message in the morning that you are no more. I laughed. Bloody joke! I did not cry. I went back to office to check your messenger status. Read all the mails between us. Called our friends so that they would tell me it was a wrong message. I did not dare call your phone. I would not cry. I thought about your mother and brother. I thought about the MBA you so badly wanted to do. The crushes you had confessed to me. Of people who told had hurt you that you wanted run away from the world. The life you had dreamt.  How could God be so cruel to you? You had so many things to see and do. And this part irked me to no end. You were an angel and probably God felt that the heaven would be better place with you with Him.

A week later I managed to publish an obituary, which ran something like this:


You were too pure for this tainted world.
As I sit and look back, I can only see happiness.
The way you brought a smile to my face, the way you lifted my spirits...
There were too many things we did together, too many things we didn’t.
You were my partner in all nonsense, giving you the nickname "Freaku" which you sported happily.
And today a week after you left us, I feel the void, deep and dark...
I miss you dear, the pain would never go.
Wherever you are sweetie, you will be remembered, now and forever.

Love you hamesha

Each day I think of you lovingly and I miss you badly. You were one of my best of friends.Some days I wish I can hear you talk and laugh again. But then I know I have to let go of the sad regrets and smile at the beautiful days we had with our friends.”

That is my story. Do you have friend who is very dear to you? Whom you have been meaning to talk “some time today”? A person you are happy is there in your life. Don’t save those hugs for a better occasion. There are no better occasions than now. Call a
We do not have all the time in the world. Life is too short for petty fight and misunderstandings. Tomorrow might be too late.

[If you have a friend whom you have not called in a long time, call up that person or meet that friend in person. Share your friend’s response with me.]


  1. I don't want to spoil the post by writing mere words like 'Awesome' 'Loved it' 'Beautiful' etc. May Freaku's soul rest in peace...
    And yes, I'm picking up the phone to call a couple of friends now.

  2. I have such a tressure :-) we r frends n adore him a lot ! Wat else to say , in almost every third thought dat I have . . I end up thnking em .

  3. may vishnu's soul rest in peace....

  4. Such a touching post. Some people touch our hearts in ways noone else ever can. May VISHNU'S soul rest in peace.

  5. Oh dear the pain can never be expressed fully in words, yet these words makes me ache.. I can relate to it, as I missed a dear friend lately

  6. That was such a heartfelt and poignant post. Yes, we waste out time in petty misunderstandings and keep postponing that hug, that call and that meeting. The pain can never go, but the memories are sweet.

  7. In hindsight, the awakening is always a little late. And over, a little too quickly!
    I wish you all the strength to deal with this loss.

  8. Hi All,

    Wherever he is,I know Freaku would be spreading joy and would be at peace.
    Keep your friends close.Most importantly let them know you are there.Always.

    Love and Prayers
    Blue Lotus

  9. A heartrending post. It makes me want to call up my best of friends. Today. Now. Period.