Monday, October 3, 2011

Prisoner of Memories

Look at me,
A prisoner of memories
Or is it imprisoned memories?
Weird though it is true,
Today the prison and prisoner, are one and the same.
I have in me, locked away, and tied in strings of faded past,
A satchel of dreams, Fragrant like dried flowers,
Showering my present with visions from past.
Damp, wet and musty smell at times
And at others of flowery meadows of summer times.
A warmth penetrates deep into my bones.

A familiar sense of belonging,
A feeling of in tune with life,
Not a single note amiss.
I string along the music
Swaying my body, eyes closed in a trance,
Until the heat of today engulfs me,
Reminding me of my dilemma.
Yes, I am traveling across the spaces
Beyond the clutches of cosmic energies
Weightless like a feather
Dancing along paths long forsaken
For only I remember those paths much walked down.
Green leaves canopy those trails
Mist blows over those serene waters
The river shines and sparkles and shimmers
As the rays of light kisses it
A picture so exotic like a thousand emeralds shining behind a milky veil.
Forgotten are those memories,
For the entire world.
Past is long buried, they say.
But, for the prisoner of these dreams,
Life is now nothing but a shadow of this past.


  1. Liked the sense of promise this dream conveys!

  2. Liked it immensely...we all are prisoners of our memories and no matter what it tends to cling to us through our present and future. But in this prison one often finds solace and much needed motivation :)
    u r a wonderful poet i must add :D


  3. Methinks you have started playing the veena :) Memories are fine even if they imprison you, so long as they are pleasant. Wish yours to be that kind.

  4. Don't cry because it's because it happened

  5. @Ankur : Life is all about hope for a better tomorrow.
    @Sarah: Very true.
    @Zephyr:I miss my Veena so badly.I've given it to attach tuning pegs.
    @Purba: :-)..Now I know why I love you so much..I am smiling..

  6. Memories sometimes remind you to stop and smell the roses too!! Not all of them are meant to imprison you - some of them may just set you free!! Loved the poem !

  7. Hey.. loved it.. absolutely.. each and every word of it.. your thoughts are nice and the way u wrote them is great..!

  8. prison of happy memories always gives solace in unhappy times!

  9. I can relate to this so much, that first five lines and the ending couplet especially :) Well written, and like KP says, loved every word! :)

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  10. @Nirvana : Memories are weird things that way..
    @KP:Thanks KP
    @Varsha: Oh yes they do.Memories fill some empty spaces
    @Leo:Thanks Leo