Friday, November 12, 2010

Jose Giovanni - Part I

If I had a bunch of examination papers to clear and two broken hands, I would have gone into a depression greater than the one in 1930's.But then it is not me, it is Jose Giovanni.

Jose Giovanni would have got himself a whole chapter dedicated to his sagas; if there were any book that published world’s greatest college legends. He is the hero in my college.
I emphasize on definite article (English teachers please excuse) “the”. Giovanni is not just another jerk in college. He was born with nothing lesser than a diamond studded platinum spoon in his mouth. The lucky bastard was born into a family with ancestors so rich that they could buy the entire solar system if they willed. Thankfully with the wealth, God had given them sense and ample amount of generosity. Therefore, they never did or abetted anything that put another noble living being in distress. So much for the blue blood, Giovanni was no different. He drove the most expensive car in the campus and wore nothing but big brands. When blood is blue, men just look even more handsome.
I’ve heard girls whisper...”Ooooohhhh!””Aaahhhhhhhhhh!”Yes he was one of the most handsome men I have ever laid my eyes on.Square jaw, deep-set eyes that were the color of honey, thin lips and raven black hair. He had an angular nose and high cheekbones. Yes, he looked as if he has just walked out of Phoenician mythology. Yes, I heard you girl, Adonis! I do not know how Adonis would have looked like but then Giovanni looks simply irresistible to women. He was not a rake; he was just a nice human being.

Oh, most importantly he was an excellent football player. Now that was not a great thing academically. He hardly came to classes and even if he did well; he used to sit in the back seat and sleep. Now as the storyteller; let me humbly confess I happen to be a fellow nerd classmate of the Giovanni.

Giovanni was a friend to me also. Yes the smart geek of the class. I am not geek-geek. I just happen to sit in the front bench and submit assignments on time. So inevitably he found out the easiest way to finish his assignments on time. The moment I finish my assignments; I give him a copy of it. He finds time to make minor changes to it and submits it. Therefore, I became his friend along with the football cronies.

Taking life as it comes was never my cup of tea. I worry a lot. You see I was not born even with IKEA stainless steel spoon in my mouth. Sorry to be blunt I was just another baby on earth who thought having  food two times (and sometimes one) was a way of life until I went to school with other kids. So exams give me jitters because failure would be a disaster.
Therefore, I sit at the corner seat in the study hall grinding my way through books my fellow comrades’ use for weight lifting.

It was a May; the exam heat was at it’s peak and so was the summer. I had been sitting in my seat for around two hours and my butt was burning. That is when Giovanni appeared at my humble desk with a request.

(To be continued..)

P.S.I'm really pressed for time.I'll be doing the next part tomorrow and  Thank God It's Friday!!!


  1. Please don't tell me Giovanni's gonna say "Babe, I'm a vampire. Let's make out."

    Please tell me this will NOT go the Twilight way. :P

  2. You wish,I wish and I don't know about the vampire part...I've had my share of he is just like you and me...