Monday, November 29, 2010

Relax ma Relax..

Running is part of my life.For buses,appointments,movies anything.(Oh you thought I was aspiring to P.T.Usha??Sorry I wouldn't run a race even if my life depended on it.Dinosaurs don't run!)
So even today I ran to keep my appointment at the spa.I had decided to de-stress myself after a tiring week at work. The modern day woman in me decided to relax with a manicure and pedicure..So I sat down with my feet in bubbling warm water and listening to music..Aaah Heaven; before all the hell broke loose with my mind at work..
I was swinging myself on the seven scales of music. I was worried if I didn't get the notes properly my teacher would throw me out of the class. I decided to concentrate on the notations..
But my silly mind kept wandering..Project,code,bugs,client,boss,big boss..
"Relax ma relax..", my beautician had kicked me back to reality..But how could I? I have a hundred chores running through my head..
She asks me to decide on the colour of the nail polish. I sit and stare at their collection..I mentally try to suit my complexion with the colours on the rack..I'm tempted by the blue and green..I chide myself for being silly.I decide to go for something less garish; something very feminine; yet classy. Off course I had to be. This week I have client presentation.The deal was important. At least my boss felt so.Last minute my boss decided to fly to KL leaving that barbaric presentation to me.I was supposed to be only a technical consultant..
If the client dumps the deal; the first thing that flies right out of the Big Boss's window would be me..(Dinosaurs cannot fly!!) Shit happens..But for me it's just that shit always happen..
"Relax ma relax..", my beautician interjects again and smiles at me..But how could I?I have a hundred chores running through my head..
She has smeared so nice smelling lotion/creme over my legs and arms..She mentions ginger and butter...I thought ginger was for cooking..Anyways she wrapped my legs and arms in polythene strips..I look at them and think of sandwiches in Toast Box...I look funny...

Then suddenly I remember about the prescription.The new medication..Doctor had mentioned about it being anti-cancer drug and my eyes had popped out..I push away the cancer part and try to decide how to get to NUH to buy it..(Later in the evening I had spent 20 bucks on a cab for going to NUH only to find out that pharmacies are closed on Sundays and public holidays!!)

"Ma'am have you decided on the colour?" I look at her, little does she know all the colours from my life is draining..I've lost the ability to relax and de-stress..I'm on run; a fugitive of time..Racing against it..I force myself not to cry..Crying makes one weak..I've reserved all my crying to the back seats of cabs...

"Let’s try a sober pink or rose..Something very light..But I want it bright..Nothing glossy for me and no sparkles..."I explain what I want.She,a professional picks up just the right one..And we start the nail painting..

I hope the colour fills my life too..Like a fresh radiant pink rose..I wish they remain so forever..They may fade in time but let the colour fade gracefully..

P:S: I know it's a crappy post.But it feels good to blurt out these thoughts..
P.P.S:Let me get some sleep..It's 2AM and I already have a hundred chores running through my head.


  1. We do get tired by doing all the chores in our head before even the day starts. I do it all the time and by 10 in the morning I am bushed. by the what, what is it about the anti-cancer drug? A little worried...

  2. I remember my big boss used to tell us, "No hurry, we don't have a situation. We are NOT running an emergency care unit here. None of the lives are at stake, relax and involve in the work.. "

  3. @Zephyr:One's brain is very hyperactive when it comes to counting chores and hypoactive when counting blessings.Honestly I'm a bit worried too..Science says I'm too young a prey for anything like that..So going for a second opinion..

    @Harish:Hmmm you have one nice boss..Can I mail you my resume?Jokes apart,work is hectic but it keeps me fresh and on the go.When you win a deal or fix a bug,the feeling is simply exhilarating.Right?

  4. just relax- even you find most difficult to do.

  5. @Arpana:I'll try...I'm off the live wire this week till something new comes up in office..