Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two Books,A Jigsaw Puzzle and a blog-less week

Today is Friday.Why? Because I don’t feel like working. So it should be a Friday. Like last Friday I’m in a confused state of mind. I have loads of work to finish by next Friday and my thoughts are like maggi noodles; without any start or end. And curiously the song that’s running through my head right now is “Ek paheli hain tu,naarnaveli hain tu,jitna mein suljhavu utni yeh ulajthi jaye..” from the Dev Saab’s Heera-Panna…

Strangely, I can hear a voice in my head.The profusion of the same leaves me frowning like a gentleman trying to make out the cricket commentary from the garbled voices of a transistor.

In a Lonely Looney Loop
Going Round ‘n Round like a Hoop

I know it’s a cranky post. But then you forget it’s my blog.Wait! Is this what they call a writer’s block/bloggers block? May be may not be…I’ve being missing in action for a while because I’m trying to finish a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle(1.5ftX2ft;ya it is ginormous). It’s interesting and addictive. I’m half way through I’ll soon publish a snap of the finished product before I frame it. (Yes I’m ambitious and confident I got a frame too)

I was busy reading “The Room” by Emma Donoghue and “I am number Four” by Pittacus Lore. The first one was an absolute pleasure. The narrative is fresh and smooth.
Told in first person by a 5 year boy, The Room is deep and intense. The innocence of the narrator makes the story even more gripping. I finished it in a day (could barely convince myself to bathroom breaks). If not for the storyline The Room will definitely captivate your mind for the narration style.Sometimes it’s not about the story it’s about how it is told. No I have no intention to tell you what it’s all about; you got to read it and tell me. But let me warn you this is a fast read but not a light read.The characters will keep roaming the corridors of your mind even long after the book has taken it’s place in the shelf.

The second one is another alien-wars saga. Nothing new in it if you have read LOR and the likes. But then I like the conspiracy theories and the idea of existence of parallel universes. Grab a copy ,it’s a light read.

Friday (the actual one; today is virtual Friday) is diwali.I have a long weekend and I’m looking forward to some serious blogging.


  1. Loved the way you started your post...quirky but definitely not cranky!

    The Room is based on the infamous Josef Fritzl case..isn't it?

    I recommend Battle For"ll absolutely love it...

  2. Yes it's similar but then it's about how the kid saw things and his mother's attempt to make the best of what is available for her son...I'll definitely try to get a copy of Battle For Bittora...

  3. Hmm. The blurb in "I am Number Four" was intriguing. I should pick it up. Extraterrestrial stuff is totally my thing. :)

  4. Ya...But these guys are not large eyed green petite bodied ET with tentacles.."They walk among us.."..

  5. yet to read THE ROOM . Read I AM NUMBER FOUR.. not bad. If you like the 'parallel universe' concepts, have you considered the serial FRINGE ?

  6. @Pythoroshan:Do grab a copy of The Room..I've not read Fringe,but I've heard about it...Will try to get a copy...And I heard a sequel is coming for I am number four next year...