Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Girl

No, Please.Please don’t do this to me.” She whimpered, pushing herself deeper into the chair as he edged closer to her and touched her face.
I winced in pain, watching the little girl crying. Her big eyes, filled with tears of agony searched for a pinch of mercy. She was small, in age and built, may be in her early teens. Her skin was smooth, the colour of honey, like that of her eyes. Raven black hair was disarray from the fistfight. She would have grown to be a very beautiful woman, but for…
I had never seen a girl fight like this. Normally they are terrorized and scared to respond.
“Honey, listen to him. He won’t hurt you.” I told her in a soothing voice, even when I knew I was lying.
God! I will rot in hell. How long should I lie to these young children to fill my stomach?
“No, he will. I know about all this. I’m not a kid”, she managed to squeak a response.
That was when he barked out of irritation,” Just get it over with, I really do not have time. Are you going to take all the time in the world? Listen young lady, either I take out those two molars so we can put braces to make you like a human or you can walk out and live like a rabbit for the rest of your life!!”


  1. lol! the ending was sure a relief! beautifully done!!

    regarding your comment on my post - if i adjusted the contrast further, the point of focus would have been diverted from the synagogue :) but if yous wish you can fiddle around with the contrast settings on your screen and see it the way you like to do so!

  2. That was such a relief indeed!

  3. Brilliant Suspense. Nice narration

  4. @N: :) :)..
    @Magic Eye:Giggles..i'm not that cruel..
    @savita:Dentist visits are bad...

  5. readers please don't panic ,dentist is right here.well i must say you must write book on mystery and suspense.great job!

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  7. Hahaha WOWW!! Loved loved loved the suspense! :DD
    - Caroline =)

  8. Just when I was preparing to shed copious tears of outrage!

    You naughty, naughty girl :P

  9. @Pratibha:Thanks for the support.I hope this wouldn't be a flash in the pan.
    @Raj: :-)...I liked your Close Up story..
    @Caroline:Thank you..
    @Purba:I don't like making people cry.Vexed.Yes(wink)

  10. that was brilliant build up of suspense and nail biting climax! I was reading against my will thinking of the evil that was about to happen and consternation at the way you kept from helping the child LOL

    Ever thought of becoming an author of suspense?

  11. Thanks for the appreciation..Hmm Author of suspense..After all the Poirots,Miss Marple's and Nancy Drews,ha I wish...