Monday, February 14, 2011

The Secret.

Are you sure that this is what we want?” the girl asked nervously, biting her thin lips. Unsure by nature he managed a nod conveying his decisiveness.” What if Mommee finds out? By God she’ll kill me.” the girl was shaking a bit.
He was unperturbed. ”Let her. You do not trust me. Do you?” he raised his eyebrows questioningly.
The girl looked at him and stared up at the cloudless sky through the rusty windows. The brilliant blue of the summer sky looked a mere reflection of her eyes. They were sitting in the wooden cabin behind the house. She knew that, Mom and Dad were out on their monthly shopping. .Nobody would come looking for her.
The boy demanded again,” Do you trust me or not?”
The girl hesitated. She did not trust boys. They were troublesome. Her mother had warned her in a voice sterner than ever. Then this boy; was it not supposed to be different with him? She stole a glance at him. He was cute in a peculiar way. She had loved his eyes the day she saw him first. They were the colour of honey. She had loved his brown curls too. And his smile charmed her even when they had a fight. In short he got his way with her; always. The best part was that, with him she never felt she was compromising, it felt natural. Just like it should, she smiled as her heart warmed up to him
But then he has changed a lot from their awkward first meeting, when her parents had introduced him.” Boys are trouble.” she remembered her mother’s ominous warning. Now the bundle of trouble was standing right in front of her in a worn out white shirt, blue shorts and mud-covered croc. His stance, demanding.
“Yes or no?” his voice edged by impatience, an annoying lineament she could only attribute to boys.
She shook her head, her short brown hair swaying,” Yes. I am ready. It is a little secret between us.” She smiled at him; two dimples formed on her flushed cheeks.” I trust you, Honey,” she added after a moment.
He smiled baring his pearl white teeth and then mimicking the zip-my-mouth act roared with a mock salute
“It’s a pact sister. Anything you say. Swear by my Ben 10 comic collection. I won’t tell a word to Mommee.”
Then the sister and her little brother dug a dark silent grave for the broken antique vase their mother had imported from France. The summer breeze blew through the cabin fluttering their identical brown curls.

PS:After this I could not help but write a similar one.


  1. I initially thought the boy and girl were about to do something naughty, today being valentine's day.

    Liked the suspense.

  2. Thanks Victor..Ya they did something naughty right?..Hmmm valentines day..That gives me an idea..Let's see if it finally becomes a post.

  3. :) lovely! your usual mischievous style!!

  4. This brought back so many memories - of shared misdemeanors. And I'm just loving your naughty mood.

  5. I'm in a naughty wicked mood these days...:-)..I wouldn't say my mom did not have a vase which was not buried...