Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Days

Another 55 fiction.

  “Some days, I wish I were dead”, she said, dysphoric like a mouse whose cheese was stolen.
This coming from someone who looks at life like a rabbit looking at a carrot farm ;if you ever saw one that is;is highly disturbing. I probed,” Which days?”
Letting out a deep sigh, she spewed. “Mondays” 

This came out as my genuine distaste for Mondays. I hate the fact that I need to go back to office. Only person I have seen who is happy about a Monday is my workaholic dad. I like the pay checks but that doesn't exactly mean I love going to office.
Nevertheless I found a way to change Monday to a fun day. Come August 29th and I start my language classes for French.(I promised myself on new year I'll learn a new language).I'll have my classes every Monday and hence will actually have something to look forward on a Monday.
So to beat a Monday blue pick up something you have always wanted to do and schedule it for Monday.Voila! There will be no IHMM (I hate Monday mails).

Don't ask me where I get these ideas from.I'm a born genius.


  1. The French language is like fine wine - to savour it you have to roll it around your tongue.

    And now you will have a better excuse to go to Paris :))

  2. I know,I have informed the "concerned" about Paris.After all isn't it the best place to test French language prowess :D...

  3. Well living in hostel which has an intime of 7 and college frm morn 8. I really hav no option.

    Proud of you. I learnt Fresh in school. Remember absolutely nothing.

  4. French! It makes me feel oblivious. I have to listen to what my brother says, skeptical about each word coming out of his mouth. Makes me Agggrrrhhh!!

  5. You indeed are a genius! So when can we hear you speak in French?

    For me it is Sunday evenings. It starts the day before you see? Even today, even when i don't have to go to school/college/work.

  6. @Red:In hostel there are more fun things to do than learning french..I'm a little jealous of you,how I wish I could go back to my hostel days.
    @Prateek:Learn German and talk to you brother in it ;-)
    @Zephyr:Akka,thanks I wish you could tell Amma this.Sunday evening,yeah,a feeling of despair that spreads,awaiting the inevitable monday.Sheesh..

  7. Oooo.. I love the 55 word fiction. And the great idea for Mondays!!