Monday, January 16, 2012

My "Purple Splash"

I have decided friends- to let go. It is not worth holding on to or so I understand. I can give in and curl comfortably in it's folds like I have done till date. I can tell myself,” Let’s have fun today and leave tomorrow to take care of itself.”
But for now,Sorry Extra Kilos! Bye, bye.

I am an inspired woman you see. It’s still January and I’m determined to lose some weight this year also. As a first step I purchased Nike running shoes in white and purple (Such a waste of money the cynic in you would say. The cynic in me did say this and  keeps repeating it like a radio). I actually wanted a black with purple but couldn’t find any. Well, before you make that face let me tell you proudly-I did go for a jog wearing it. Well, actually a brisk-walk if you want the truth. Here is the conversation I had with the sales man at the Nike store.

Mr. Salesman: “Hello madam, how may I help you?”

Me (Yours truly trying to sound totally serious.): “Well, I am looking for shoes for Gym and running.”

Mr. Salesman: “Madam if you are talking about the Marathon training then I can suggest this one...”
(Looked like he really took me seriously)

Me:” Err…I don’t do marathons. I was talking about jogging you know”
(Actually I  don't do anything.I am making an effort buddy.Don't embarrass me!)

Mr. Salesman:” This one works perfectly well for jogging as well. But Madam
do you jog for more than 5 days a week? A longer time might require a totally different design.”

Me (cringing inwardly): “I jog probably 2-3 times a week.”

Mr.Salesman:”Madam if it’s more than three hours continuously…”

Me (shamefacedly):”Friend, let’s talk in terms of minutes. Like twenty minutes or thirty minutes on a day, you know.”

Well, by the end of the conversation he got the drift. If he felt like laughing out aloud he did not show any such emotions. Or may be he has too many people like me in this January that it doesn’t sound so funny to him anymore.

I picked this lovely pair of shoes and walked out of the show room with my pocket few dollars lighter and feeling few kilos lighter.
I call her my "Purple Splash"


  1. I have been in this pickle way too many times and only have one thing to say - The heart desires what it desires FULLSTOP :P

  2. Oyyy I am proud of you!!
    I started my new year resolution even before the new year began. I started it in November! I am happy that I am continuing it though :D
    Purple splash luks sexy!

    1. I’m proud of you too. I need to get rid of afew kilos before April.

  3. hehehe!! congrats... but do let me know if the resolution sees the light of day in Feb-March ... and THEN i shall applaud you!

  4. you should have just got a faulty scale that shows five kgs less instead! ;-> Funny one btw

    1. I’ve thought about rigging the scales afew times.But then I would’ve to get new set of circus mirrors as well. :D

  5. Hahaha... happens with me a lott.. :P but your purple splash is really worth the few dollars^_* it looks gorgeous... :)

    take care

  6. To be fair, if the salesguy thought you run marathons and spend 5-day weeks on exercise, you probably don't need those shoes in the first place. I'm actually refused extra-cheese at fast food places as a public service initiative!

    1. I never thought of it that way.Good point eh!Or may be he thought I needed a lot of more work outs..I'll stick to yours view point.I like it better..

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  8. :) I am with icyhighs! If that's how the sales man thought, why the shoes :D But, better be fit than lazy.

    Thanks for dropping by on my blog.
    ~ Chintan

    1. :-D...I need to build that habit of working out.My body has a tendency to put on weight if left unattended.

      And your blog is really blunt and that makes it totally different.You have an awesome blog out there.