Saturday, January 28, 2012

When I got published…

I will cut the long story short (Because I'm too excited for words). Some time last year, I had mailed the publishers “” a short story. I got an acknowledgement informing me that the story was accepted and “read”. I was glad that it did not go unrecognized like my resume almost always does.

Last week, totally out of the blue, the Associate Editor mails me informing me of the publishing date. It came out on Jan 22nd.And I jumped up and down the entire house.

Here is the link to the short story

Thank you Burnside Writers, you made my year.

P.S: Call it life’s satire Jan 22 also happens to be my wedding anniversary.


  1. Great news Blue Lotus! Posted a comment there, too. And belated Wedding Anniversary wishes :)

  2. I am so glad for you! And belated anniversary wishes :) Posted my comment on that site.

  3. HAAAIIYAAAAAA! congrats...martini ..shaken or stirred?