Friday, September 23, 2011

The Wish Boon - III

Here is part one and part two.


I wake up late.Everyday.Dreams or no dreams. I snooze my alarm so much that now the button bears an uncanny resemblance to a worn out Hawaii chappals [flip flops are too classy a comparison].

This morning also I woke up late. There was an ominous meeting in the morning with a client who has a million issues in his life. Sometimes the way he speaks to me I feel he holds me responsible for all the issues in his life including the current state of the world economy. [My disaster wreck range is limited to my kitchen; world economy is a far cry. Let’s not digress]

To add to the chaos in my life, it was raining (it still is raining as I write this); raining cats and dogs (and dinosaurs as well if you want to add). And in Singapore there is no way you are going to get a cab on a rainy day. It is as if all the 30,000 cabs on this small country are out ferrying people across the island and I never ever manage to come in the top 30,000 who struggle to get hold of one.

But I don’t give up [Sleepy head? Yes, but quitter is definitely not my middle name]. What if today happens to be my lucky day? I try sms- a-cab and call-a-cab. No response at all. One SMS and one call wasted. Not a great way to start the day, I know, there is no need to rub it in.

I do a hop, skip and jump to the nearest bus stop and wait for the bus.
”Oh! God please please let me be on time.” I wished,”Yeah, right like it is going to come true.” All around me I could see the cabs with the big red lights “HIRED”/”ON CALL”

Sigh.Sigh.Check watch.Sigh.Sigh.

And out of the blue, a “HIRED” taxi stopped in front of me. A young girl got out of the cab and the driver smiled at me “Hop in madam, where can I take you this morning?”

So I guess that was one down. Four more to go…


  1. How easily does the blue lotus get satisfied! if it were me, I would put it down to 'coincidence' and wait for all the five!

  2. @Nim:Dear husband of mine,yes I have noted that you have read the post.
    @Zephyr:Akka,that didn't occur to me.May I should've tested that as well.You know "count my blessings"