Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Wish Boon - I

 (This is the first part of a short story.It has no moral or educational value.:-D)

I had a dream, a beautiful dream. Archangel Gabriel came to me and told me.” Child, You have been chosen to be given a special package of fives wishes per day?” Smiling benevolently he looked in to my eyes. A puzzled me couldn’t keep the sarcasm away.

”Oh you mean to say that I’m getting a chance to redeem all my wishes at a rate of five per day which weren’t heard or fulfilled??” (I’m at my sarcastic best when someone interrupts my sweet slumber. And I don’t give a damn even if it’s Archangel Gabby himself!)

After all how many nights had I spent crying waiting for Him to grant me “that-one-and-only-just-this-time” wishes? Remembering those eves of exams and my heart wrenching pleas to which He had turned a blind eye and revealed the same by question papers which never failed to amaze me by their adequacy in covering all the portions I had skipped, I seethed in unabashed anger. Now when I’m ancient and exams are a thing of Napoleons time here cometh the package. I skewed my eyebrows at God’s marketing manager.

”Well, what this is for? And before we digress, most importantly, why now?”

The clever manager smiled “You seem to be the one with highest number of wishes unanswered. All your wishes were errr...err…re-routed to the deep black sea of souls by a tiny naughty perpetrator.”

Archangel positioned his arms to demo a baby sized villain,” Now when he was caught by his tails and questioned rather mildly he told us the truth. And God wanted to compensate for all that.”

“Whoa. That’s what happened to my wishes. And I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

“Never. We have declared that anyone caught doing such unscrupulous activities would be barred from having Fried Mars Bar In Ice-cream dessert for the rest of their lives.” Giving a quick glance around and lowering his voice Gabby added.” These celestial creatures are too corrupt I tell you. You don’t get it in heaven doesn’t matter. They smuggle it from hell. Everything is cheap there. It’s quite amusing their methods of working.”

"Ehem Ehem.” Gabby cleared his throat a tad too loudly and continued,” Now to the terms and conditions."


  1. You have the ability to do wonders with words. keep it coming girl!I am loving it

  2. Good Lord! Corruption in heaven too? What next? Post the second part fast. I am eager to find out who was condemned not to have the yummy desert :)

  3. @Red: That was so sweet of you..
    @Zephyr: hehehhe..I am mean.I'll post the second part as soon as I get to work...Only the kutty-devil who re-routed my wishes were condemned.Waiting till I can meet him in person...

  4. Cant wait for the next ! :D... Too gripping!

  5. @Meditating Lion: Thanks..Go ahead I have posted part two.
    @Fark:Thank you.

  6. That is interesting.. moving on to part 2 nw..! is it funny??

  7. Haven't we all prayed to HIM before our exams..God, please just this time?

    Love your wicked sense of humor and waiting for the concluding part.

    And congrats for your Notable Newbie...You more than deserved it.

  8. @KP::-).If only life came without the terms and conditions...
    @Purba :Tell me about it."He" used to disown me during exams.Notable Newbie:[A 1000 WATT GRIN] thanks