Sunday, October 17, 2010

BlogAdda and Indusladies are saying ‘Bye Bye to Breast Cancer‘.

I had conveniently ignored the campaign.It's difficlut to face the truth sometimes and it's easier to turn away from it.But today while surfing when I saw it again,I decided it cannot be a coincidence anymore.This was God's way of telling me"Silly,write down about your fears and anxities.Let it go honey."So here I am telling you my story.

This June my grandmother was diagnosedd with malignant growth in her throat.It was cancer and almost around the sametime I discovered lumps on my left breast.Yes I panicked.I knew it could be just some fluid stuff.Everyone knows that some of them are just fluid or dead cell etc etc.I went to my guru Google and searched furiously,trying to gauge how far I havegone.The result came up quickly but it didn't tell me what I wanted to know.
I decided to go to a docter nearby.She did a check up and told me that it's normal to have fluid lumps and some get thick around your time of the month.Nevertheless she reffered me to a doctor who specialised in breast and surgery.I was haunted as I waited for the appointed day.
On that rainy June day I walked into her office.The receptionist smiled at me and took down my details.The moment after I saidmy age,she gave me a look or I dont know if I imagined that.I was asked to wait for a while.women poured in,young and old.All of them had someone with them,I was the only one alone.I refused to be overcome by tears.Tears can wait.

Finally when I walked in to the consultation I was tense.The friendly doctor asked only one question "Any history of cancer?"I replied as calmly as I could,"My paternal garndfather died of cancer and maternal grandmother is doing her radiations"so much for family heritage.I thought I was dead.
The doctor looked at me and smiled."That was a regular question.It has nothing do with whether one should have cancer or not.For your age [26] you just have .01%.But most important is early detection."
She did a scan and we found 4 lumps around 1 cm.She assured me that they are all fluid lumps.I go for check up every 1-2 months.We monitor the lumps.some fade.some new ones come up.Some just stay.

But from what I learned.
1.Keep checking for lumps
2.Make sure the lumps are still prevalent after your monthly periods.
3.If you are not sure,consult a doctor
4.Most of the lumps you feel are usually fluid ones.No worries.

Here the key is awareness.Be Aware,Be Healthy.


  1. @Dibakar:Thanks.Incidents like this help us to pause.Hope you'd help in spreading the awareness.