Monday, October 25, 2010

Love of my life...

As I mentioned earlier this is my blog and here you’ll read of things I have an opinion about. Not that there aren’t much things under the sky I have no comments on.
One thing apart from music that I’m addicted to is books. I read a lot.
I collect books. I have a small family library. Ya right one big cupboard full of books.
Books for all ages. Fairy tales to Nancy Drews to biographies. I have a book for everyone.
I’m only a bilingual, when it comes to voracious reading. English and my mother tongue. Most Indians are multilingual.English, Hindi and a mother tongue.
I have few Malayalam novels. But then I have quite distinguished readers in my aunts and uncles who suggest the best of Malayalam for me.
But now I collect comics’ too.No, don’t giggle. Wait till you know what I’ve collected, you’ll be begging.
I’ve the whole Adventures of Tintin in hardcover. I’ve Asterix and Obelix.Once Calvin and Hobbes joins them I’ll sit back and enjoy. Calvin and Hobbes are on the way to my loving arms via Amazon. GRIN GRIN GRIN!!!
Having said all this, I love lending my books to others. I love the way my cousins come to ask me “Kochechi, ee book nanno?”[Sis, Is this book good?] And I tell them,what I liked about the book and what I didn’t. I never ever ask them not to read a book.I always encourage them to read and come up with an opinion.
Since I no longer stay at my home, I’ve taught my cousins to keep my cupboard in order. And to my astonishment they do it and I love them for it.

I’m proud of them because they never spoil a book. If someone does that I never give them a book again. If you don’t know how to take care of other person’s property, you have no right to borrow.

And if you love books and keep buying them, they are a treasure. Let me give you a tip.
When you buy a book if you don’t plan to resell it, add your initials, date and place from which you bought. Add a note depicting your mood. I’ve books bought years ago and when I read my notes the day comes back to me. Live and fresh, not a minute out of place.


  1. I think half the books at my home have been "borrowed" by the termites...

  2. Whoah...The first thing I asked my dad when he gave me my grandpa's cupboard."Acha,ethil chithal varumo?"

  3. I love books too and know what? I do the same -- I mean, write the date and place I bought the book and my name so that I recall the exact time and place I had purchased it. I am not very generous when it comes to lending books. You can call me a miser, actually. I have lost a lot of good books to people who never returned them.

    I am so glad you have encouraged your cousins to read and care for your library in your absence.

  4. I wouldn't call you a miser.. :-)..Sometimes I cringe when people ask me books...I'm paranoid about losing books...My cousins;God bless them are like me when it comes to book..