Monday, October 11, 2010

Death Dancers..

Somedays I think about death a lot..May be its my mind conjuring up the easiest way to escape from my miseries..(most of which I have brought upon myself with minimal help/aid from any external party.)
It remains a mystery..Like a black hole which sucks up people you love and you are left behind wondering how to put back your life in place....

The day I wrote the death poem I was hopeless and clueless..But creativity blooms in the deserts of sorrow and loss..
Thanks to double vodka in pineapple juice with a wedge of lime..But I should say it leaves a lingering
bad taste the day after...Else it's the perfect drink...And I'll name it hmmm...Sunshine Madness

Death evades me
 my most sought after companion..
With wings of delicate fire
 dancing in tiny circles..
Gracefully they fly
 dark cloaks brushing me..
Yet refusing to embrace me
 in their cold arms..
Eternal Sleep!!Bless me with it.
 Hesitate not to hug me Oh immortal!!
Divine is your touch,
  embalming immortality into me..
Powerful is your breathe,
 dicatating life out of me..
In your hands,I look forward
 a transformation to eternity..
To leave behind the burdens
 the tears and the memories so rotten..
Why do you evade me?
 Treat me with compassion..
Pain is your weapon
 unleash it upon me..
Let your wrath take over
 and let me find my peace..


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