Thursday, October 14, 2010

If Only We Had No Gods

Human beings believe themselves to be perfect. We are probably the only species which are far from perfect. Not physically. Because that’s god given (lets say not human engineered for the sake of atheists).We hail us as the most intelligent beings that ever walked over earth. It’s the same intelligence that renders us a lot less than perfect. Animals and birds cannot think too much, hence they are not violent like us. The dogs don’t kill each other because some are white, brown and others black. They accept each other. But we human beings, even with a brain to think we are unable to rationalize things. I sternly believe if God didn’t want us to think we would’ve still remained chimpanzees. And why is that we don’t think?
We evolved as creatures that can walk on two’s but it also made us into creatures that are barbarians by nature.
It makes me sick to read about all the murders in the name of God-Only-Knows-What…
Sometimes it leaves me wondering if only we had no Gods; it would’ve saved the life of many a lives...

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